Adding DE to your pool is a messy and tedious ordeal…
…tearing open that paper bag, scooping out that messy
powder, never knowing how much to add.
No wonder it’s never done right.

EZ-DE solves all your DE headaches

  • Simply select the right size EZ-DE bag that matches your filter size, tear and pour into the skimmer after each backwash.
  • Super Clean! The single use plastic bag keeps the DE off your skin, clothes, and pool deck and puts it right in the skimmer where it belongs.
  • Accurate! The amount of DE is the perfect amount for your filter so there is no need to measure or scoop. The proper charge of DE makes your filter work better, keeps the water cleaner and saves on maintenance cost

Benefits of FREQUENT Backwashing

Regular backwashing is essential to proper operation of your filter. Filter manufacturers typically recommend
backwashing when filter pressure gains 8-10psig above clean pressure. However, many pool service professionals
recommend more frequent backwashing for the following reasons:

It is recommended to filter the complete volume of water in your pool every day. Your filter is not only removing dirt, but also bacteria, organic waste and parasites, so this is important. Since there are dead zones in the pool, the engineers of the system size the pump to turn over 2 volumes of water a day. The biggest restriction to the pumps capacity to move water is the filter. By the time the pressure gauge gains even 1 psig there has been a reduction in water flow. For this reason many pool professionals backwash their filters monthly.

The CYA levels in pools that are using stabilized chlorine tablets will tend to rise over time, especially in the summer when chlorine usage is high. High CYA levels make chlorine substantially less effective. The only way to remove CYA is to drain water and refill. Backwashing regularly has the added benefit of keeping CYA levels down.

Calcium hardness also has a tendency to accumulate in pool water. Scale forming on the tiles around the waterline could be a sign that calcium hardness levels are high. Regular backwashing will help to keep calcium hardness levels in range.

The grids of the filter are covered with a polymer mesh fabric which is then coated with DE when you recharge the filter after a backwash or cleaning. Running the filter at high pressures will force DE and dirt deep into the weave of this fabric where it is trapped and won’t backwash out requiring more frequent filter cleaning. High pressures will also cause the fabric on older grids to tear requiring replacement.

And probably worst of all, algae in the filter that is not dead can cause continual germination of algae into the pool.

How to use EZ-DE

EZ-DE is the easiest to use DE product on the market.
Simply follow these easy steps:


Backwash the filter either when the pressure gauge gains 8-10 psig above clean pressure, or even better, on a regular schedule like the beginning of each month. Backwash 1-3 minutes or until the sight glass on the filter valve is clear. After the 1st backwash cycle, put the valve back to filter mode and run it a few seconds, then backwash again. Do this cycle 3-5 times or until you notice that there is no more dirt and DE in the sight glass when backwashing. Make sure you turn the pump off every time you move the filter valve.


You must recharge the filter with EZ-DE after every cleaning or backwash procedure! Do not run the filter more than a few minutes with no DE in the filter. If the filter is run with no DE then the filter grids can be damaged and/or plugged to the point that they will need to be replaced.

No Measuring

EZ-DE bags are the precise amount for 1 filter recharge. Make sure you buy the right EZ-DE bag for your size filter. See What size is my filter? if you need help deciding what size EZ-DE to buy. It is OK to use 1 size larger than your filter size but do not go smaller. Use the entire contents of the EZ-DE bag. Stir entire bag contents into a large bucket of water. With filter pump running and valve in filter position, slowly pour the mixture into pool skimmer.

What size is my filter?

Hopefully your filter still has a label on it which will tell you the size. You are looking for
the size in SQFT. Most new filters will be one of these standard sizes: 24, 36, 48, 60, 72.
Once you find the size on the label, just get the EZ-DE bag that matches your filter.

What if my filter
Doesn't match an EZ-DE size?
  • 24 sq ft Filter: Half of a EZ-DE 48 bag.
  • 72 sq ft Filter: Two (2) of the EZ-DE 36 bags.
  • Some older filters may not be one of these standard sizes. In that case just select the EZ-DE size closest to your filter.
EZ-DE Size

If your filter doesn't have a label then there is a way to figure out the filter size. The filter size in SQFT will be double the height of the filter grid in inches. For instance, if the filter grids are 30” in height then the filter size is 30 x 2 = 60 SQFT.


EZ-DE is perfectly measured so there is no need to scoop. Scooping causes DE dust to become airborne. DE contains amorphous silica with varying percentages of crystalline silica. Prolonged breathing of excessive concentrations of DE dust may cause lung damage called silicosis. Crystalline silica has been classified as carcinogenic for humans (group 1) by the international Agency for Research on Cancer. Airborne DE may cause eye and/or respiratory irritation. Do not get in eyes and wear goggles when handling. Do not breathe dust. Use only with adequate ventilation.


IF ON SKIN, flush skin with plenty of water for 15 minutes. Take off all contaminated clothing. Seek medical attention if irritation develops.

IF INHALED, remove individual to fresh air. Seek medical attention if breathing becomes difficult or if respiratory irritation develops.

IF IN EYES, immediately flush eyes with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. Seek medical attention immediately.

IF SWALLOWED, immediately drink water to dilute. Seek medical attention if symptoms develop. Never give anything my mouth to an unconscious person.

IF NOT BREATHING, give artificial respiration. Call for medical assistance.

Where can you buy EZ-DE?
Right here, of course!


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